Dominoes Rules: Easy to Learn, Easier to Become Addicted!

You play cards each week with your friends, but it’s starting to get old. You throw in the occasional game of chess or checkers, but that only works when there are only two players. Why not have a dominoes game tournament once in a while instead?

Double Six dominoes, the most basic form of the dominoes game, can be played with two to four players and is every bit as exciting as a card game. In fact, the dominoes game is so popular in areas of the world like the Latin Americas and Asia that card games take a second seat!

The dominoes game is extremely easy to learn. Double Six dominoes is played with a series of 28 tiles (also known as “bones”), each with a different combination of two numbers between zero to six. The double-six tile, on which there are two sixes, has the highest value.

What are the dominoes rules? Dominoes rules sound more complex than they are. Once you read these dominoes rules and start playing a game, they’ll become second nature!

1.The players each draw six tiles that they hide from view. The player with the double-six tile, or if no one has the double-six, the highest value double-numbered tile, goes first. If no players have double-numbered tiles, the tiles are reshuffled and everyone draws again.

2.The player seated to the left of the first player plays a tile with a number that matches the first tile played. So if it was the double-six, the next tile must have a six on it. The player must draw from the leftover tile pile if he or she doesn’t have a tile that matches until the player can play. (Eventually, if there are no more leftover tiles, the player must knock on the table and pass his or her turn.)

3.The play continues, with each tile being laid out end to end, except for double-number tiles, which are placed perpendicularly. If the players run out of room on a table, they may place a tile at a right angle to start the chain in another direction. There are always two and only two chains available to play.

4.The first player to play all of his or her tiles and say, “Dominoes!” wins. If this is a multiple-game match, the players can agree on a goal of a certain amount of points to win the overall match. When a player wins a dominoes game, the other player(s) add up the point value on the tiles left in their hand(s) and give those points to the winner.

There are a number of variations on the dominoes game beyond the typical Double Six set that you can look into once you’ve become a greater dominoes enthusiast. The next step would be to look for a Double Nine set, with numbers up to nine. However, some dominoes game sets have up to double-eighteen tiles! Games with Double Eighteen sets are good for more than four players, although the dominoes game will last a long time!

Need to see the dominoes rules in action before it will really sink in? Play a free online dominoes game at You can start by playing a dominoes game online against one to three computer player(s) until you get the hang of the game. If you need a refresher course on the dominoes rules, just look at the “information” or “help” section on the dominoes game online site.

Once you know the dominoes rules front and back, you can play free online dominoes games against players from around the world! Look at it as a practice for your first domino match with your friends or make it your primary outlet for your budding domino addiction! If you like online puzzle games, is going to be the most played online puzzle game in your bookmark folder!

Dominoes rules are best learnt by actually playing the game and there’s no better way to play than with a free online dominoes game that can serve as your tutorial. Play a while, get a feel for the dominoes game, and decide if you want to include it in your weekly game night with friends—or keep your love for the game to yourself!